Thursday, 11 November 2010

It's been a while

So, I've neglected my blog since completing uni and now I realise it is something I wish to pick up once again!

I just wanted to share a product with anyone reading, I found it today when I work ( I work in Marks & Spencers at the moment, just as a Christmas temp to get some money- being a poor graduate is horrendous you see!!).

They contain a liquid remover and just make life that little bit simpler and neater - quite a nice little buy for the kit I think!

Be back soon :)

Heidi Alexa xxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


When considering what music I should put over my video tutorials, I did not want to settle for any song, I wanted to music to appeal to my viewers as well as enhancing the footage.

I needed to research what reactions the public have subconciously when music is used to change their behaviour or feelings. I searched the internet and came across many articles, but I found this to be the most relevant.

Music Psychology & Behavior by Jennifer Copley May 08 2008


Music and Product Evaluation

Unsurprisingly, people are more inclined to desire a product that has been advertised in conjunction with music they enjoy than one that has been paired with unappealing music or no music at all. Consumers are also more likely to buy products when the music used to advertise them is aligned with the product. These effects work for both individual products and entire brands.
In addition to whether or not music is the consumer’s preferred type, congruity between music and the product being advertised is also very important. The most effective music used in advertising is that composed specifically to match the product, although recall of advertising messages can also be enhanced by using popular songs, particularly when the music is played without lyrics. Those listening to the advertisement are inclined to sing along, supplying the missing lyrics either in their minds or overtly, which increases their involvement with the advertisement and the likelihood that they will remember it afterwards.

I found this article helpful, as it was to the point and gave me the answer I desired.

So the music I choose has to be appropriate to my videos, for example for my 'Barbie' make up tutorial, I would not use heavy metal or classical music, but poppy songs with upbeat connotations to satisfy the target audience.

The interesting point in this article was using music that had missing lyrics, I would quite like my videos to have music with some lyrics, or I fear the longer videos would becoming tiresome to watch. However, I can look into remixed versions of popular songs.

Heidi Alexa


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Reel 'em in!

A show reel for a make up artist seems to be the norm these days, instead of just a physical portfolio, they are utilising other types of media.

Videos have their qualities, where you can see the artist in action and it gives you the chance to add a little personality along the way. The music you choose, the font, the editing and the content you choose, will define you as a make up artist. It can be both a benefit and a hinderance, as the viewer may not enjoy your video.

I am going to have a go at doing my showreel representing myself as a graduate make up artist :) look out on my youtube channel for this one.

Heidi Alexa


My YouTube Channel

Monday, 26 April 2010

Another one for the festival bag!

I have been looking for a combined lip and cheek colour that is not expensive for a while, and I came across this one by Model's Own for £5 at Boots. This is great as you can change the strength of the colour by the amount you use and it is similar to expensive lip and cheek tints that sell well.

Heidi Alexa



I have had a few people ask me what my favourite products are recently. So I will tell you of a few I swear by...


My favourite mascara in the world is Rimmel's Max Volume Flash in Ultra Black. It is around £7 and such a good mascara! It creates huge impact with only a few strokes and lasts ages! I find it better than all the expensive ones I used to buy, as although they were good, they dried out so quickly!


I love Max Factor's Lasting Perfomace in Soft Beige for my skin tone. It feels great on my skin and covers everything, minimal concealer needed! It is a thick one so better for evenings or work days, not for chilled days out and hot days outside!


My favourite is a light pink called Saint Germain by MAC, its so matte and stays well! MAC lipsticks are my favourite of all lipsticks so far, for their staying power and strength of colour.

Heidi Alexa



A friend recently recommended I watch Kelis' new single 'Acapella's' video to check out the beautiful make up and styling. I watched, impressed at the skill that went into her make up design and unique hair styling and colouring... one thing really caught my attention though!

Kelis wears a septum ring just like mine in this video!

                                         (Screen shots from

It shocked me at first, as you don't ever see celebrities with this piercing (not that I can think of anyway). The septum piercing is often seen as quite harsh and rebellious but I see it with different eyes. I hope this makes more people appreciate septum piercings!

Heidi Alexa


I think I hit the nail on the head!

Whilst planning for my video tutorials, I had to think a few things through that you may not have even noticed... one was to make sure I always have nice nails in my videos. Well, I couldn't do that with my natural nails, as although I do not bite them, they refuse to grow long.

My options were to go to a nail bar and get them done up all fancy or to DIY it... I went for the latter! I had tried out a few nail kits before and never been impressed so I went for something new. I bought a box of 100 various sized nails which you could file down and paint over, easy enough, so to the counter I went.

When I got to the counter, the lady had the COOLEST pink nails! I asked "which nail varnish are you wearing" and she pointed me toward 17 where I indeed bought this colour to rush home and try immediately!

I wasn't disappointed!! So much so, that two of my housemates wanted to try it out themselves! I bought a few more shades to mix up a bit in the videos.
I might just have to film how I do them to share my new found (cheap) alternative to nail bars!

Heidi Alexa

My YouTube Channel


So I haven't posted any new pictures from all the photo shoots I have been working on lately, so I think a little preview would go down well!

Here are just a few:

Red Lips!

Red lipstick has fascinated men and women for years... the amount of shades you can buy in shops now is incredible!!

I think every skin tone is now sorted for a shade to suit them! By the way... if you wonder what shade will suit you, here is a rough guide:

Pale Skin + Dark Hair = Go for a bright red!!
Pale Skin + Fair Hair = Go for a red with blueish undertones (ask at a counter if this confuses you!)
Med/Olive Skin + Dark Hair = Orangey reds and browny reds are good for you
Med/Olive Skin + Fair Hair = Lighter orangey reds and medium red tones
Deep Skin + Dark Hair = Go for a really deep red or even a deep purple to be daring!
Deep Skin + Fair Hair = Go for something bright like fuschia and 'poppy' reds

Why do we love red lips anyway? Well there is psychology behind it (as with everything!). It relates to sexual appeal and when aroused, blood circulates to lips making them redder than usual, so red lipstick reminds men of this subconciously.

Don't let this put you off though, work your red lipstick how you want to wear it! It looks great with vintage styles or helps to perk up a simple outfit!

Watch my tutorial on applying it:

My YouTube Channel

Heidi Alexa

Sunday, 25 April 2010

What makes eyebrows aesthetically pleasing?

When doing make up on myself and on models, I always reshape the eyebrows to suit the look. The eyebrow has always interested me, the way it can completely alter your face once changed and how a few shades darker can make them frame your face so much better. This is all common knowledge I know, but it got me thinking... what is the psychology behind humans finding eyebrows attractive and unattractive. What is the perfect eyebrow? If there is such a thing!

I came across a study online whilst researching into this ( and according to these guys, different generations find different styles of brow attractive, so they put it down to fashion through the ages. I agree but it is not the only factor involved.

The perfect eyebrow ratio according to

I think it also depends on people's 'types'... whether they go for the natural and timid ladies who leave their eyebrows alone or if they like the power dressing, fashion conscious types with high arched brows!!

Also, some women love men to have big manly eyebrows, especially in Islam (it is forbidden for Muslims to remove eyebrow hairs) and some women like their men to turn their unibrows into... well, just eyebrows!!

So my tutorial on eyebrow shaping will come in handy for those who wish to shape the brow for a more polished and manicured look. But it is an interesting topic to think about!

Heidi Alexa


My YouTube Channel

It's who you know...

My friend does a journalism course at the same uni as me (Southampton Solent) and asked me a few weeks back if she could interview me for a student magazine thing she was doing. It would mention me being a make up artist but focus on student life too. Here it is, I found it quite weird that it was about me but it's a bit of a giggle...

Heidi Alexa

Aiming for Bullseye! But where is the target??

You can't hit bullseye unless you know where the target is!

Such a valid point when I think about who I am aiming my video tutorials towards. I cannot possibly say I have suceeded in making good tutorials until I have the confirmation from my targeted audience that I have done so, as it is after all, for them!

During pre-production, during production and in post production, all I have to think about is WHO is this aimed at? What will make my audience enjoy this, and want to see more?

So who is my audience? My audience is anyone who feels they want to learn new make up and hair looks, those who are more comfortable learning new skills in private and not in the middle of a department store. My video with the most number of views so far is the video on 'make up for men' showing there is a demand, and maybe men want to learn this privately. My videos of me on a professional shoot are for those interested in the industry, who are keen to look behind the scenes and see the reality of models etc.

I just want to please anyone who wants to learn something, I am not saying I have all the answers but if I can share a little knowledge with them or an idea, then I may learn something myself.

Heidi Alexa

My YouTube Channel

Emma from Glee

Glee is a new obsession that has spread across from the US to the UK! People who had never heard of Journeys 'Don't Stop Believing' are now singing it on the daily! I'm not a huge fan but I do enjoy the odd episode when I feel I can deal with the full on cheesiness of it all.

Being a make-up artist I can never watch tv without having a good old look at the make up and hair on characters. I wonder 'ohhh how did they do that?!' and 'eurgh why did they do that?!' but whatever I do think, they got me thinking it!

This leads me back to Glee... The character Emma Pillsbury, aka 'the guidance counselor,' has really cool hair. Every episode, it looks immaculate... obviously to match her OCD personality. I then googled 'how to get emma...' and when i stopped typing here, google suggested some searches... and 'how to get emma pillsburys hair' was the fourth one down, so i knew other people were thinking it too!!

I plan on doing a how to on this look soon!

Heidi Alexa

Aguilera's new era!

I wouldn't usually blog about a singer, but Christina Aguilera's new album due for release in a couple of months has a really cool front cover. I think I may have to attempt this look for a video as it is my kind of thing, with the bright whites and the perfect lips. love it.

Luckily I have very blond hair so can practice this look on myself. If I decide to film it, I will buy some blue contact lenses for it too and seek out similar eyelashes :)

Heidi Alexa

Mum's do make up

All the mums across the world are abandoning the beauty counters for the baby aisles in shops. I think it is a matter of 'not enough time to do make up' 'it will just come off anyway' and 'i feel guilty spending time on myself.'

Maybe not, i'm no mother, but I have heard these statements from enough mothers to know it is a fairly widespread occurance. Over time, these mothers either pick up the make up brush and get back on the vain train or they opt for the extra 10 minutes in bed to make up for lost time. Those who choose to continue without make-up sometimes feel unworthy to make the most of their appearance. Gok has waved his magic wand over a few of these ladies but some still need convincing. I aim to produce a video tutorial for mature ladies, whether they fall into this category of a mum who lost interest in make up or just need some new tips, I aim to help!

My mum has reluctantly offered to fill the position of model, she is a wonderful mum and grandma and I think it will be good fun!

Heidi Alexa


There has been some confusion when it comes to concealers it seems. Without guidance, concealing can go so wrong! So I will outline how to conceal to suit you and recommend products along the way!!

Firstly, if you are using concealer mainly for dark circles, then you will need a stronger product like Collection 2000 cover stick (which I sometimes use), it is thick and cheap :) But if you are blessed with perfect skin but need the odd concealing, go for a liquid concealer (Maybelline's Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer).

But what colour?

If your bags are:

Purple - Use a yellow toned concealer
Blue - Orange toned
Red - Olive toned
Brown - Blue/Mauve toned

This may seem odd, and indeed it will look it, but these colours cancel the dark circles out.

Powder over lightly and apply a concealer matching your normal skin tone over the top and set with powder again.

For more mature eyes or thin skin under the eyes, use a light reflective concealer at this stage (YSL touche eclat or loreal touche magique)

For spots, use your normal concealer but do not overload it as if it applied too thickly, the make up will come off much easier and so not last throughout the day.

DO NOT apply light reflective concealer to spots, a common error I see happening a lot! Light reflective concealer makes the skin appear raised and so applying it to a spot... you're only making it twice as obvious!!

Heidi Alexa


My YouTube Channel

There's more to being a make up artist, than make up!

Make-up is used for several purposes, 1. to enhance one's natural beauty, 2. to create the illusion of youth, 3. to become your 'alter ego' 4. to hide scars etc. From the Ancient Egyptian times when make-up was worn by the rich and powerful to the tribes around the world, who use make-up as a signature of the tribe or to portray an achievement.

(Tribe in Papa New Guinea use make up for a ceremony)

Whatever the reason, a lot of us humans are fans of make-up and it's many uses. My job therefore is to learn how to design and apply a new look for my client, depending on what they want, but also to understand the reason behind it. Being a good make-up artist involves being socially aware and capable of adjusting to various situations. For example, if I am working for a client who is using make-up to hide scars from a traumatic incident, I would need to be sensitive about the issue without appearing awkward. Another example would be if the client was an actor/actress for a stage production, I would need to understand and be aware of the character they are playing to really acheive the right look for them.

This links me back to my video tutorials, what is the meaning behind my making them? I am helping those who want to hide, conceal, become youthful, have fun with a new look, represent a "tribe" etc. So I need to make sure whatever I am teaching, I understand why people want to know how to do it and make sure I approach it in the right way.

Heidi Alexa


Friday, 23 April 2010

You Tube... My Tube!!

So, I put up some of  my make up and hair tutorials on you tube the other day, and have been adding them daily. Obviously, it will take a long time to get enough feedback for me to really know what the public think but so far i'm fairly happy with what I have done. I will slowly be adding more to my channel each day to keep it interesting and updated.

To seperate myself from other 'you tubers' I decided to upload videos of me doing make up and hair on professional photo shoots. It will mean people might take me more seriously and see me working on different skins and face shapes.

Take a look at my channel:

My YouTube Channel

Heidi Alexa


Monday, 19 April 2010

Festival Fever!

The Summer is approaching us, and thus comes the festivals!


From Reading to Bestival to Creamfields to Glastonbury and many more... there is plenty to choose from, but then you are left with the dilemma... 'What shall I take with me??'

This crossed my mind as I have decided to do a tutorial on festival hair and make-up. The key thing I kept in mind while designing ideas was that festival go-ers want to minimise the amount they need to take with them, so make up needed to be compact. Hair was to be easily managed and styled without having been washed.

Here are some key itmes for the cosmetic bag:

1. Lip Balm- Keep your lips from drying out under the sun. I recommed using Carmex Cherry with SPF as it is designed to protect from the sun, or if you want to splash out, Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream.

2. Dry Shampoo - Do your locks get greasy if they're not washed regularly? Then 'Batiste Dry Shampoo' can be bought in a miniature size and sort out your greasy mop, for a really budget option, use talcum powder by rubbing it into your roots.

3. Waterproof mascara - My favourite is 'Maybelline's XXL Waterproof Mascara' in Intense Black as it gives a high impact effect and lasts you!

4. Cream Blusher - By taking a cream blushed with you, you can rose up your cheeks as well as doubling it up as a lipstick for a quick fix look! MAC Blush Creme is lovely but there are some great cheaper alternatives.

5. Mini Deodrant - Get a sports deodrant so it is strong and lasts longer, so when you're going crazy to your favourite act, you don't release a horrible pong!! Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant Mini is a good example but search the aisles for your preferred choice.

6. Face wipes - Simple Face Wipes are perfect as you will not be using anything too strong that will redden your skin or irritate it after being under the sun's harmful rays all day.

7. Hair Accessories - When your hair begins to look as though it could be a type of forest creature, it is probably time to glam it up with flowers and beads or just chuck a big hat on it!

8. Concealer - Tired eyes will show and make you look terrible! Awaken your eyes by using a reflective concealer such as the cheaper L'oreal Touche Magique or the pricey YSL Touche Eclat. It will get rid of dark undereyes. Fix with a powder.

9. Big Sunglasses - The one thing better than any concealer... Sunnies! Get a pair you look great in and you wont need to bother with make up so much anyway!

10. Waterproof Eyeliner - If you're eyes shouldn't be seen dead without a bit of colour on them, then opt for a decent waterproof eyeliner as it will last you and give a striking effect: 'Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil' is worth the price.

Also, before you go, paint your nails and toe-nails with clear varnish so that they are not obvious when they chip!

Exfoliate your body before you go to maximise tanning and so you have lovely soft legs hanging out!

When you return, have a good old wash and use a leave-in-conditioner to treat your suffering locks.

Heidi Alexa


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Preview and Ideas

I thought a sneaky preview to one of the looks I have done on my tutorials would be fun, so that is below!

I really want to take into consideration what people want to see me do in these tutorials. I have already had a few requests and am working on them. I have to have all the right make up and tools before I can film them but I learn as I go along so it's great fun!

I have found this lovely sunshine helpful in terms of lighting up the room and making the videos nice and bright! I am not sure my luck with this will last though!

I will soon enter some new reviews too :)

Heidi Alexa


Here is the pic! It's from the 1950's tutorial, my hair fell out a little bit as I took the photos after doing the videos but you get the idea behind the look!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Video Killed The Make Up Star !!!

The day is looming for the release of my first make up and hair tutorials... "So what will they be about?!" I hear you cry! Well you will have to wait and see but let's just say that you will learn how to do the generic stuff as well as some more bizarre designs. The videos will all vary, some of them will feature myself alone in a room chatting away and some will be myself on a professional level working with real models.

I'm very interested to know what YOU want to learn. I've done the necessary research on other people's videos but would love to hear from you directly what you want to see.

There will be step by step guides posted on here to accompany some tutorials and little extras that don't make it to the camera.

Please tell me what tutorials you would like to see me do by commenting below,

Thanks so much for reading :)

Heidi Alexa


Friday, 9 April 2010

Russell James

I came across Russell James' fan page on Facebook today and he posts videos of himself on shoots. This gives an insight into his working style and what happens behind the scenes.

I was also pleased to find the hair and make up team getting some well earned recognition.

Watch it here:

Heidi Alexa


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a beautiful young girl living in the United States. She began to post make-up tutorials in 2006 and has made over 50 videos.

She has gone from making the odd video tutorial to becoming a professional make up artist working at fashion shows and now represents Lancome online.

Her appeal comes from her innocence and beauty, she has a perfect porcelain face with a lovely smile, which viewers tend to warm to. Looking at her fans comments they consist mostly of positive responses, one typical example:

"jjasminchang - so cute... and quite professional! Thank you!"

Her success is just one of the many examples of people who have managed to use youtube for all it's worth. The internet really has opened a lot of doors and sites like youtube give people another way into an industry, and a place to showcase their hobbies and talents.

I might just join them!

Heidi Alexa

As promised here it is... my club kids make-up!!

It's pretty scary so prepare yourself haha!

I started this make-up by paleing down the skin with a mixture of white face paint and a pale foundation (loreal one) and blending well. I then drew the eyebrows on with a purple from my 'Manly' Palette (see a previous blog for review) and a little vaseline to hold the pigments together better. The eyelashes are all from Stargazer and I think make it what it is really.

The blue lips were again acheived with a blue from good ol' 'Manly' but mixed with a very strong lip gloss.

I went for a big pink wig to match the colour scheme of purple, pink and blue and accessorised it uniquely with a knitted owl, flowers and polka dot bow... weird!

Heidi Alexa


Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Leopard never loses it's spots!

Make-Up Artists, like all artists, gain their own signature styles and their work becomes recognisable. I have been thinking about this a lot recently as my friend mentioned that she could tell by looking at my model that I had done her make-up. I know my own style, but I wasn't aware that other people had already began to pick up on it too!

This got me thinking, what do I want people to think is my signature style? As having a signature style can work for OR against you. A lot of my work seems to be quite bright, clean and beauty based. I want to branch away from this and stretch my 'signature style' to becoming a little more daring and exciting... and I have already got going with it :)

I decided to go into Uni one day with a friend to do the hair and another friend to model, this gave me the rare opportunity to do whatever I wanted! Not being told exactly what someone else wants you to do was fun, and I decided to go for something that I knew I would love. So, alas I opted for leopard print (I love it) and chose a red colour theme to match the model's hair.

Check it out:


Heidi Alexa

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Club Kids

Today, I did make up for the Graduate Make-Up Film. This consisted of us students doing the make up for a film that will be shown at the Graduate Fashion Show in May under the theme of 'club kids.' So here is a little information about exactly what club kids means...

The Club Kids were a group of people in the late 80s to early 90s who went out in NYC and got a name for themselves by looking a certain way. There were a few ring leaders, namely Michael Alig and James St. James. They wore shocking outfits and were regualr drug abusers which gained them fame amongst clubbers and they appeared on tv shows such as 'The Joan Rivers Show.'

Nowadays, club kids means those who dare to be outrageous and daring with their style and it is not such a shock. Whilst researching this theme for the film, I couldn't help but link 'Illamasqua's' alter ego ethos with this group of people. Illamasqua represent their make up as being for your 'alter ego.'

Here is a picture of a modern day club kid:
How to spot a club kid:

1. Weird Contact Lenses
2. Crazy colourful hair
3. False eye lashes
4. More make-up than Katie Price wears
5. Body Modifications
6. Contraversial meanings behind outfits

The filming was good fun as we got to see our make-up in HD on a screen to help check everything out. My model was a performance student too, so she had no problems acting and dancing to the camera!! She was wearing a Gareth Pugh type latex dress, to give an edge to my cutesy make up (well cute-ish). I went all out with a neon pink wig and stuck some flowers and a woolen owl in there too. It's not often I get the chance to go wild with make-up, so I was so happy to be weird and wonderful in all aspects of my creativity!

I will upload my images soon :) and you can tell me what you think!!

Heidi Alexa


Sunday, 21 March 2010

What's in a name??

They say you should never judge a book by it's cover...

but i must admit... seeing a make-up palette called 'Manly' was a bit weird!

OK so I first heard about this make-up palette when watching one of Lauren Luke's videos (She is a youtube makeup phenomenon, check her out!). The colours looked so bright and the range you get for the price was glorious! I took her advice and treated myself on Ebay as it was only around £15 , an investment for a struggling student like moi.

The package arrived and looked so exciting with its array of Hong Kong stamps and thick padding cushioning it so much I think I could have jumped on it ( I didn't by the way!). I tried to open it sensibly but its stubborn 'manlyness' did not allow me, so I went in for the kill and managed to get to my muscular eyeshadows after a bit of a fight.

It was worth that fight. Everyone who I have worked with on photo shoots and my friends have been lured in and most have commented on how 'cool' it is. I've mixed it with lip gloss to make lipsticks and used it to it's full potential.

All in all i'd say... it's great because it's £15.... but if I had spent more on it, i'd have to say it was a little flakey in texture, but that's no problem when it's a bargain. The colours do stay though and I will use it to it's death!

Don't judge a palette by its gender confused name.

Monday, 8 March 2010

New Equipment!

Exciting times for Heidi Alexa!

It's my birthday in a few days and as I was having problems with my film crew, I was struggling to get anything filmed. My dad kindly saved me from a lot of worry and stressing, as he purchased this funky camcorder for my birthday. Check it out:

This is what it looks like (I got it this red colour too!)

I can now happily crack on with some lovely make-up and hair tutorials without cancellations etc.

I am still keen on working with models and crew but the majority, for now, will be me myself and I.

I will have some videos done soon, and then things can really kick off

Heidi Alexa xx

Monday, 1 March 2010

A few new pictures for my portfolio!

I did a photo shoot before Christmas last year and just recieved some of the images, they were for a local vintage shop called Hepwrights. Take a look!

I think they have a vintage Vogue feel to them.

Photographer: Ted Park
Model: Sharon Lloyd
Stylist: Anna Pichowski
Hair and Make Up: Me!

Heidi Alexa xx

Product Review #1

Simple’s Skincare Range.

1. Simple’s Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion 200ml

Simple says: ‘Drier skin will benefit from this creamy Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion which gives a gentle, thorough cleanse, even around the delicate eye area’

‘Pro-Vitamin B5 restores, softens and smoothes
Added moisturisers improve skin condition
pH balanced so works in harmony with your skin’

Heidi says:

I was attracted to Simple’s cleanser because of it’s mild but effective brand image. This cleansing lotion is indeed mild and I found it easy to use.

I used it with a cotton pad and only had to use a couple of squeezes of it.

It is not oily, so does not leave your face shiny and stressed out. I had no skin reactions to it, as my skin is sensitive, I thought I might get itchy skin or redness, but I didn’t.

Overall, this is a reliable and cheap cleanser for every day use, I still prefer to use face wipes on myself for the ease though…

2. Simple’s Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner

Simple says: ‘Our Soothing Facial Toner is a perfect blend of active ingredients and chamomile goodness to keep your skin clarified and refreshed. Perfect for even sensitive skin.’

Heidi says: I do not believe that toner is essential, but when I want my models to have a good ol’clean, I like them to use it. It is not good for dry skins as can dry it out even more. This toner by Simple is refreshing and not overbearing, other toners can give a burning sensation which is rather unpleasant, but this almost feels like water! My skin feels smooth, not dry as others can leave it feeling! And I am ready for moisturising afterwards.

This toner does what it says on the tin (or bottle in this case!) A good buy, only if you need it.

3. Simple’s Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser

Simple says: ‘For drier skin, this non greasy Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser will give you all day moisturisation making your skin feel smoother and more supple.’

‘Pro-Vitamin B5 restores, softens and smoothes

UV Filters protects and prevents premature ageing

12hr moisturisation hydrates throughout the day.’

Heidi says: I love this moisturiser for many reasons, one being that it is suitable for everyone. It is not grease based, so does not sit on your skin and clears up dry skin! Applying this morning and evening will benefit dry skin over time, it is also great for combination and normal skins. I use this in my make up kit to give a good base to work on. If I could afford lots of Clinique moisturisers, I would probably opt for that, but whilst we cannot all dig deep into out pockets, sticking to Simple seems sensible.

More reviews coming soon!! Heidi Alexa xx

So, Last week I filmed my first two tutorials: Skin Cleansing and Natural.

Here is a couple of pictures from the day:

Camera Lady - Natasha Nater
Model: Jody Clarke

We began with the filming of the skin cleansing tutorial. This included cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream. Jody was to do this herself as you can scrub harder at your own skin than you can on others.

Then I applied a pretty, natural make-up. The look was meant to brighten the skin and open the eyes, enhancing your natural beauty. I followed this up with loose curls, as if the hair naturally fell in such a way (we wish!!).

Jody looked great and we got some good shots thanks to Nat for zooming in and out at points.

I can't wait to see the video edited and complete, I just need to talk over it and I will be up and running.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hey All!

Let me introduce myself... I'm Heidi Alexa, a make up artist and hair stylist from Southampton in the UK. I'm in my final year at Southampton Solent University studying BA(Hons) Make Up & Hair Design for Music, Film and Photography.

I plan to document my work as a make-up artist and blog things that have inspired me.

To begin with, let me show you some of my work so far and tell you what I have done up until now.

I have started with this one because it has caught a lot of attention on my ModelMayhem profile, so I'm rather proud of it. It was 'Barbie' inspired and I wanted to have a close up with intensity.
Photographer: Michael Roscoe. Model: Holly Adderley.

This image was shot for my friend Polly Knight. She studies within Fashion at the same uni and this one was military inspied. I went for purple/black eyes for a crazed look.

This is a tearsheet from Nuts Magazine this month (February 2010) Model: Chloe Farnworth. Photographer: Julia Underwood.
My first glamour make up and hair job... and it got published :D wooo!!

This was for another Fashion student, Laura Camfield. The theme was animals and we got some awesome images. This model was stunning and so nice to work with, if only she lived nearer. Unfortunately, I don't have her name but I will try to get it!