Sunday, 25 April 2010

There's more to being a make up artist, than make up!

Make-up is used for several purposes, 1. to enhance one's natural beauty, 2. to create the illusion of youth, 3. to become your 'alter ego' 4. to hide scars etc. From the Ancient Egyptian times when make-up was worn by the rich and powerful to the tribes around the world, who use make-up as a signature of the tribe or to portray an achievement.

(Tribe in Papa New Guinea use make up for a ceremony)

Whatever the reason, a lot of us humans are fans of make-up and it's many uses. My job therefore is to learn how to design and apply a new look for my client, depending on what they want, but also to understand the reason behind it. Being a good make-up artist involves being socially aware and capable of adjusting to various situations. For example, if I am working for a client who is using make-up to hide scars from a traumatic incident, I would need to be sensitive about the issue without appearing awkward. Another example would be if the client was an actor/actress for a stage production, I would need to understand and be aware of the character they are playing to really acheive the right look for them.

This links me back to my video tutorials, what is the meaning behind my making them? I am helping those who want to hide, conceal, become youthful, have fun with a new look, represent a "tribe" etc. So I need to make sure whatever I am teaching, I understand why people want to know how to do it and make sure I approach it in the right way.

Heidi Alexa


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