Sunday, 11 April 2010

Video Killed The Make Up Star !!!

The day is looming for the release of my first make up and hair tutorials... "So what will they be about?!" I hear you cry! Well you will have to wait and see but let's just say that you will learn how to do the generic stuff as well as some more bizarre designs. The videos will all vary, some of them will feature myself alone in a room chatting away and some will be myself on a professional level working with real models.

I'm very interested to know what YOU want to learn. I've done the necessary research on other people's videos but would love to hear from you directly what you want to see.

There will be step by step guides posted on here to accompany some tutorials and little extras that don't make it to the camera.

Please tell me what tutorials you would like to see me do by commenting below,

Thanks so much for reading :)

Heidi Alexa


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