Sunday, 25 April 2010

Aiming for Bullseye! But where is the target??

You can't hit bullseye unless you know where the target is!

Such a valid point when I think about who I am aiming my video tutorials towards. I cannot possibly say I have suceeded in making good tutorials until I have the confirmation from my targeted audience that I have done so, as it is after all, for them!

During pre-production, during production and in post production, all I have to think about is WHO is this aimed at? What will make my audience enjoy this, and want to see more?

So who is my audience? My audience is anyone who feels they want to learn new make up and hair looks, those who are more comfortable learning new skills in private and not in the middle of a department store. My video with the most number of views so far is the video on 'make up for men' showing there is a demand, and maybe men want to learn this privately. My videos of me on a professional shoot are for those interested in the industry, who are keen to look behind the scenes and see the reality of models etc.

I just want to please anyone who wants to learn something, I am not saying I have all the answers but if I can share a little knowledge with them or an idea, then I may learn something myself.

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