Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Preview and Ideas

I thought a sneaky preview to one of the looks I have done on my tutorials would be fun, so that is below!

I really want to take into consideration what people want to see me do in these tutorials. I have already had a few requests and am working on them. I have to have all the right make up and tools before I can film them but I learn as I go along so it's great fun!

I have found this lovely sunshine helpful in terms of lighting up the room and making the videos nice and bright! I am not sure my luck with this will last though!

I will soon enter some new reviews too :)

Heidi Alexa


Here is the pic! It's from the 1950's tutorial, my hair fell out a little bit as I took the photos after doing the videos but you get the idea behind the look!


  1. The look is right, the make-up fabulous, the hair style is right but your hair colour isn't right. Love the eyes