Monday, 26 April 2010

I think I hit the nail on the head!

Whilst planning for my video tutorials, I had to think a few things through that you may not have even noticed... one was to make sure I always have nice nails in my videos. Well, I couldn't do that with my natural nails, as although I do not bite them, they refuse to grow long.

My options were to go to a nail bar and get them done up all fancy or to DIY it... I went for the latter! I had tried out a few nail kits before and never been impressed so I went for something new. I bought a box of 100 various sized nails which you could file down and paint over, easy enough, so to the counter I went.

When I got to the counter, the lady had the COOLEST pink nails! I asked "which nail varnish are you wearing" and she pointed me toward 17 where I indeed bought this colour to rush home and try immediately!

I wasn't disappointed!! So much so, that two of my housemates wanted to try it out themselves! I bought a few more shades to mix up a bit in the videos.
I might just have to film how I do them to share my new found (cheap) alternative to nail bars!

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