Sunday, 21 March 2010

What's in a name??

They say you should never judge a book by it's cover...

but i must admit... seeing a make-up palette called 'Manly' was a bit weird!

OK so I first heard about this make-up palette when watching one of Lauren Luke's videos (She is a youtube makeup phenomenon, check her out!). The colours looked so bright and the range you get for the price was glorious! I took her advice and treated myself on Ebay as it was only around £15 , an investment for a struggling student like moi.

The package arrived and looked so exciting with its array of Hong Kong stamps and thick padding cushioning it so much I think I could have jumped on it ( I didn't by the way!). I tried to open it sensibly but its stubborn 'manlyness' did not allow me, so I went in for the kill and managed to get to my muscular eyeshadows after a bit of a fight.

It was worth that fight. Everyone who I have worked with on photo shoots and my friends have been lured in and most have commented on how 'cool' it is. I've mixed it with lip gloss to make lipsticks and used it to it's full potential.

All in all i'd say... it's great because it's £15.... but if I had spent more on it, i'd have to say it was a little flakey in texture, but that's no problem when it's a bargain. The colours do stay though and I will use it to it's death!

Don't judge a palette by its gender confused name.

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