Tuesday, 4 May 2010


When considering what music I should put over my video tutorials, I did not want to settle for any song, I wanted to music to appeal to my viewers as well as enhancing the footage.

I needed to research what reactions the public have subconciously when music is used to change their behaviour or feelings. I searched the internet and came across many articles, but I found this to be the most relevant.

Music Psychology & Behavior by Jennifer Copley May 08 2008


Music and Product Evaluation

Unsurprisingly, people are more inclined to desire a product that has been advertised in conjunction with music they enjoy than one that has been paired with unappealing music or no music at all. Consumers are also more likely to buy products when the music used to advertise them is aligned with the product. These effects work for both individual products and entire brands.
In addition to whether or not music is the consumer’s preferred type, congruity between music and the product being advertised is also very important. The most effective music used in advertising is that composed specifically to match the product, although recall of advertising messages can also be enhanced by using popular songs, particularly when the music is played without lyrics. Those listening to the advertisement are inclined to sing along, supplying the missing lyrics either in their minds or overtly, which increases their involvement with the advertisement and the likelihood that they will remember it afterwards.

I found this article helpful, as it was to the point and gave me the answer I desired.

So the music I choose has to be appropriate to my videos, for example for my 'Barbie' make up tutorial, I would not use heavy metal or classical music, but poppy songs with upbeat connotations to satisfy the target audience.

The interesting point in this article was using music that had missing lyrics, I would quite like my videos to have music with some lyrics, or I fear the longer videos would becoming tiresome to watch. However, I can look into remixed versions of popular songs.

Heidi Alexa