Monday, 26 April 2010

Red Lips!

Red lipstick has fascinated men and women for years... the amount of shades you can buy in shops now is incredible!!

I think every skin tone is now sorted for a shade to suit them! By the way... if you wonder what shade will suit you, here is a rough guide:

Pale Skin + Dark Hair = Go for a bright red!!
Pale Skin + Fair Hair = Go for a red with blueish undertones (ask at a counter if this confuses you!)
Med/Olive Skin + Dark Hair = Orangey reds and browny reds are good for you
Med/Olive Skin + Fair Hair = Lighter orangey reds and medium red tones
Deep Skin + Dark Hair = Go for a really deep red or even a deep purple to be daring!
Deep Skin + Fair Hair = Go for something bright like fuschia and 'poppy' reds

Why do we love red lips anyway? Well there is psychology behind it (as with everything!). It relates to sexual appeal and when aroused, blood circulates to lips making them redder than usual, so red lipstick reminds men of this subconciously.

Don't let this put you off though, work your red lipstick how you want to wear it! It looks great with vintage styles or helps to perk up a simple outfit!

Watch my tutorial on applying it:

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