Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Leopard never loses it's spots!

Make-Up Artists, like all artists, gain their own signature styles and their work becomes recognisable. I have been thinking about this a lot recently as my friend mentioned that she could tell by looking at my model that I had done her make-up. I know my own style, but I wasn't aware that other people had already began to pick up on it too!

This got me thinking, what do I want people to think is my signature style? As having a signature style can work for OR against you. A lot of my work seems to be quite bright, clean and beauty based. I want to branch away from this and stretch my 'signature style' to becoming a little more daring and exciting... and I have already got going with it :)

I decided to go into Uni one day with a friend to do the hair and another friend to model, this gave me the rare opportunity to do whatever I wanted! Not being told exactly what someone else wants you to do was fun, and I decided to go for something that I knew I would love. So, alas I opted for leopard print (I love it) and chose a red colour theme to match the model's hair.

Check it out:


Heidi Alexa

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