Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mum's do make up

All the mums across the world are abandoning the beauty counters for the baby aisles in shops. I think it is a matter of 'not enough time to do make up' 'it will just come off anyway' and 'i feel guilty spending time on myself.'

Maybe not, i'm no mother, but I have heard these statements from enough mothers to know it is a fairly widespread occurance. Over time, these mothers either pick up the make up brush and get back on the vain train or they opt for the extra 10 minutes in bed to make up for lost time. Those who choose to continue without make-up sometimes feel unworthy to make the most of their appearance. Gok has waved his magic wand over a few of these ladies but some still need convincing. I aim to produce a video tutorial for mature ladies, whether they fall into this category of a mum who lost interest in make up or just need some new tips, I aim to help!

My mum has reluctantly offered to fill the position of model, she is a wonderful mum and grandma and I think it will be good fun!

Heidi Alexa


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