Sunday, 25 April 2010

Emma from Glee

Glee is a new obsession that has spread across from the US to the UK! People who had never heard of Journeys 'Don't Stop Believing' are now singing it on the daily! I'm not a huge fan but I do enjoy the odd episode when I feel I can deal with the full on cheesiness of it all.

Being a make-up artist I can never watch tv without having a good old look at the make up and hair on characters. I wonder 'ohhh how did they do that?!' and 'eurgh why did they do that?!' but whatever I do think, they got me thinking it!

This leads me back to Glee... The character Emma Pillsbury, aka 'the guidance counselor,' has really cool hair. Every episode, it looks immaculate... obviously to match her OCD personality. I then googled 'how to get emma...' and when i stopped typing here, google suggested some searches... and 'how to get emma pillsburys hair' was the fourth one down, so i knew other people were thinking it too!!

I plan on doing a how to on this look soon!

Heidi Alexa

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