Sunday, 25 April 2010

What makes eyebrows aesthetically pleasing?

When doing make up on myself and on models, I always reshape the eyebrows to suit the look. The eyebrow has always interested me, the way it can completely alter your face once changed and how a few shades darker can make them frame your face so much better. This is all common knowledge I know, but it got me thinking... what is the psychology behind humans finding eyebrows attractive and unattractive. What is the perfect eyebrow? If there is such a thing!

I came across a study online whilst researching into this ( and according to these guys, different generations find different styles of brow attractive, so they put it down to fashion through the ages. I agree but it is not the only factor involved.

The perfect eyebrow ratio according to

I think it also depends on people's 'types'... whether they go for the natural and timid ladies who leave their eyebrows alone or if they like the power dressing, fashion conscious types with high arched brows!!

Also, some women love men to have big manly eyebrows, especially in Islam (it is forbidden for Muslims to remove eyebrow hairs) and some women like their men to turn their unibrows into... well, just eyebrows!!

So my tutorial on eyebrow shaping will come in handy for those who wish to shape the brow for a more polished and manicured look. But it is an interesting topic to think about!

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