Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Club Kids

Today, I did make up for the Graduate Make-Up Film. This consisted of us students doing the make up for a film that will be shown at the Graduate Fashion Show in May under the theme of 'club kids.' So here is a little information about exactly what club kids means...

The Club Kids were a group of people in the late 80s to early 90s who went out in NYC and got a name for themselves by looking a certain way. There were a few ring leaders, namely Michael Alig and James St. James. They wore shocking outfits and were regualr drug abusers which gained them fame amongst clubbers and they appeared on tv shows such as 'The Joan Rivers Show.'

Nowadays, club kids means those who dare to be outrageous and daring with their style and it is not such a shock. Whilst researching this theme for the film, I couldn't help but link 'Illamasqua's' alter ego ethos with this group of people. Illamasqua represent their make up as being for your 'alter ego.'

Here is a picture of a modern day club kid:
How to spot a club kid:

1. Weird Contact Lenses
2. Crazy colourful hair
3. False eye lashes
4. More make-up than Katie Price wears
5. Body Modifications
6. Contraversial meanings behind outfits

The filming was good fun as we got to see our make-up in HD on a screen to help check everything out. My model was a performance student too, so she had no problems acting and dancing to the camera!! She was wearing a Gareth Pugh type latex dress, to give an edge to my cutesy make up (well cute-ish). I went all out with a neon pink wig and stuck some flowers and a woolen owl in there too. It's not often I get the chance to go wild with make-up, so I was so happy to be weird and wonderful in all aspects of my creativity!

I will upload my images soon :) and you can tell me what you think!!

Heidi Alexa


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