Thursday, 8 April 2010

As promised here it is... my club kids make-up!!

It's pretty scary so prepare yourself haha!

I started this make-up by paleing down the skin with a mixture of white face paint and a pale foundation (loreal one) and blending well. I then drew the eyebrows on with a purple from my 'Manly' Palette (see a previous blog for review) and a little vaseline to hold the pigments together better. The eyelashes are all from Stargazer and I think make it what it is really.

The blue lips were again acheived with a blue from good ol' 'Manly' but mixed with a very strong lip gloss.

I went for a big pink wig to match the colour scheme of purple, pink and blue and accessorised it uniquely with a knitted owl, flowers and polka dot bow... weird!

Heidi Alexa


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