Sunday, 25 April 2010


There has been some confusion when it comes to concealers it seems. Without guidance, concealing can go so wrong! So I will outline how to conceal to suit you and recommend products along the way!!

Firstly, if you are using concealer mainly for dark circles, then you will need a stronger product like Collection 2000 cover stick (which I sometimes use), it is thick and cheap :) But if you are blessed with perfect skin but need the odd concealing, go for a liquid concealer (Maybelline's Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer).

But what colour?

If your bags are:

Purple - Use a yellow toned concealer
Blue - Orange toned
Red - Olive toned
Brown - Blue/Mauve toned

This may seem odd, and indeed it will look it, but these colours cancel the dark circles out.

Powder over lightly and apply a concealer matching your normal skin tone over the top and set with powder again.

For more mature eyes or thin skin under the eyes, use a light reflective concealer at this stage (YSL touche eclat or loreal touche magique)

For spots, use your normal concealer but do not overload it as if it applied too thickly, the make up will come off much easier and so not last throughout the day.

DO NOT apply light reflective concealer to spots, a common error I see happening a lot! Light reflective concealer makes the skin appear raised and so applying it to a spot... you're only making it twice as obvious!!

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  1. Thank you heidi I found that information really useful... how do you stop creasing on eyelids once I have applied the concealer?

    H x

  2. Good question!

    Once you have applied the concealer, apply a little translucent powder over the top (making sure it isn't creased before you powder!), this should stop the creasing and you can apply eyeshadow as normal.

    Heidi Alexa