Monday, 26 April 2010


A friend recently recommended I watch Kelis' new single 'Acapella's' video to check out the beautiful make up and styling. I watched, impressed at the skill that went into her make up design and unique hair styling and colouring... one thing really caught my attention though!

Kelis wears a septum ring just like mine in this video!

                                         (Screen shots from

It shocked me at first, as you don't ever see celebrities with this piercing (not that I can think of anyway). The septum piercing is often seen as quite harsh and rebellious but I see it with different eyes. I hope this makes more people appreciate septum piercings!

Heidi Alexa


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  1. I know that Scarlett Johannson wears a septum piercing which suits her a lot <3!

    I'm wanting one too.