Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Outlook Festival - My Experience - 3. What to take & Overall


Money - You will need around £200, but it really depends on who you are, if you know you eat and drink a lot then take more, there is a restaurant that is a bit more pricey and you can just live off the bakery and snacks. I was skint last year and took £100 but ran out, I will take £200 this year so I can eat!

Passport - Obviously you need this but I think they keep them at the campsite reception so you don't have to have them in your tents.

Swimwear - It was hot last year and everyone has to have a dip in the sea, there's inflatables too!!!

Sleeping Bag - Obvious right? I didn't take one last year... I was that skint! Some guy I chatted to on beach lent me a blanket from the hostel on the last night though - yay!

Shampoo -  Yes there are showers :)

Minimal Clothes - It's hot and dusty generally so take stuff thats ok to get messed up a bit. It might rain, but should be that nice hot weather rain!

TIP # 1

The fort gets so dusty that almost everyone came back with husky voices, the 'Outlook Lung' type thing. Blokes began to wear scarves over their faces, so guys bring your balaklavas! And girls too, unless your like me and just accept huskiness (it sounds sexy right?).
TIP # 2
Wear shoes that you don't care about getting dirty, DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS they told us that persistantly last year, and I'm glad. I took boots and they were amazing to have but did age very quickly! I will be wearing boots again, I wanted some nice Dunks but no no, they will be destroyed!


Luckily, there are nice bathrooms with mirrors, sinks and showers but theres only minimal mirrors so you might not nab one, but you can try. A lot of girls were really going for it with hair and make up so if you are a dress up and full make up girl then don't imagine you will have to slum it for a few days! Your hair might go a bit cavegirl but it looks quite cool anyway.

I was suprised at what people were wearing as I thought it was going to be less dressed up but some girls had nice dresses on and there was a lot of hippy girls. So you can be yourself - which I love!

I took hot pants which are good for day and night

Bikinis - Took a couple to mix it up

I wore Boots at the fort and nothing much on feet in day

Vest Tops to whack over bikini and with shorts at night

Bandanas went down a treat to stop coughing at the fort and to put hair up in the day -making it look nice

Take whatever really cos no one judges, this festival is so friendly and you meet all sorts of people!


Outlook Festival 2010 was the best week ever - The music, The people, The Venue and the combination of these just rolled into one big ball of AWESOMENESS!

3 weeks till Outlook Festival 2011...

H xx

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