Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Outlook Festival - My Experience - 2. Music & Venue

So the reason we all went and are all going again is all down to the music!! Now, I am no music snob - I really hate it when people argue about music and don't listen to certain music cos it's not cool. You should discuss it when you are passionate and that is what I like to do.


I didn't get to go on a boat party last year because I was lacking funds and was a bit too relaxed that I missed out (got a ticket this year - what a battle that was too!!!) so I can't say much on this but I have heard they are awesome! I have also heard that you pay with kuna (not tokens) on them and they can get a little bit slidey. Do correct me if I am wrong, but hey I will soon find out.


I went without knowing a lot of the artists as some were not very well known at this point, but that was the beauty of it! I got to see my favourites including Plastician, Alix Perez, Roots Manuva, P Money, D Double etc etc and was introduced to heaps more talent. When you arrive you can buy a little menu (as I like to call it) of set times and it has more festival related information inside too.


If you plan on going to see one of the big acts, get there early as they do stop letting people into arenas once they are too busy and you can't really jump over the walls unless your spiderman.

The daytime is a mix up of reggae, dancehall, chilled dnb and more to get the beach vibes surfing. There is a sandpit area where daytime ravers can skank out and has drink and food stalls around. It's heaven basically. The pebbled beach is right on your doorstep if you camp, you might need to adjust some rocks though, especially the blokes, as it is a liiiiiitle uncomfortable at times.


The fort is a short walk from the campsite and when you first approach it there is security men to stop you from bringing bottles in, you gotta buy your booze at the bars. Once you've concealed your booze and pretended to be fat you will see the fort in all it's glory. Worship it, as this is your church for the next few days.

The main area is on your right and hosts the big boys, it has a bar and a secret little upstairs bit (didnt understand that). There is also the outside arena on your left, which has hay bails around to sit on and another bar, its nice when your boiling hot to come here and cool off.

Theres some cheeky little stalls selling stuff- it is literally stuff I didn't take much notice of it in my excitement, think they might have sold cigarettes on the sly. These are as you walk through to reach the other rooms like Mungos Arena (which was my favourite - it was not as big as the main arena so you can squash to the front and it busy enough to be a decent act!).
There was also Noahs Ballroom, which was tiny and had such a unique feel to it, loved it for the novelty value! Now, the Dungeon was so hidden that we didn't know about it on our first night, were all a bit scatty you see.

There are portaloos around and last year there was never tragic queues, nothing like other festivals and they were in a good enough state. The bar queues were ok too, you're gonna have to queue at all these things but it was not ridiculous here.

H xx

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