Monday, 15 August 2011

Nailease Review

I have discovered a new love for nail art and the weirder, the better!

I bought myself a nail art pen too which I have had a ball with, I can do leopard print like a pro now, I find it more presentable to use false nails to paint on and then attach them to my real nails. My nails are too short unfortunately!

On the other hand, there is an easier option yet- and probably favourable now I work in an office and can't type with falsies on!

NAILEASE! They are stickers really, and you pop the right size one on, and file off the excess! It lasts about a week and is ideal if you're like me and you paint your nails then leave then until they are embarrassingly chipped!

Nail varnish remover takes them off and there are a good variety of sizes. I went for leopard print and a colleague who saw mine went and bought the polka dot ones the next morning!

I will try out the ones with a lipstick print on next I think!

H xx

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