Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Outlook Festival - My Experience - 1. Transport & Campsite

This is a bit different to what I have previously posted but as I no longer use this for my studies ( I have finished uni now!) I am keen on posting other items on my blog!

So, last year (which was 2010) I went to Outlook Festival - see http://www.outlookfestival.co.uk/ for more info. It was pretty much, almost definately, actually it was, the most fun... EVER!

The coach trip was painful... (Don't get me wrong I am not about to moan for this whole entry, just read on.) I can't sleep on public transport so that was a harsh 30 something hour drive. A couple of dorks took drugs on the coach too so we were stopped for a few hours at the Italian border - luckily they had such small amounts of weed they just had it taken away and were warned. No one was happy about that, as we are told many times by the organisers not to take anything, but sniffer dogs are used on luggage and on board the coach!

The way back was not cool, we didn't notice any of the signs saying the time change for coach departure so we were a little late *awkwarrrrrd* and had to sit with the most irritating human in the world. She was on her own when she left the festival but didn't go alone.

The coach stops enough times for everyone to take sychronised wee breaks and get food/drink. Switzerland is beautiful to drive through (looks like lego) but SO expensive - I'm talking £7 for a side salad.


  • Take snacks - anything dry like crisps as they won't squidge everywhere, my friends scotch egg rolled down the aisle!

P.S. This year... I've decided to fly! Coach is good if you can sleep and I suspect some coaches will be more fun than others. They did put on some tunes during the day n whacked on some DVDs and it was good value.

When we arrived I was almost insane with lethargy!! I put up my tent in no time (had one to myself) then helped my mates put up theirs! We chose a spot in the shade (good choice) and also near the bathrooms (but not too near that it smells!) but due to my desperation to get in my tent, I didnt notice the large rock underneath. I couldn't be bothered to move so I manned up and dealt with it!

Obviously we had to have a look around. The campsite was awesome - clean bathrooms when we arrived with showers, nice! Beach was looking tempting under the sun and had big inflatables at the ready, yeah that's right, inflatables.

There's a shop in the campsite (sells booze!), little market stalls with nice bread and fruit (huge watermelon slices - shame I don't like watermelon) and lots of burger/chips/drinks stands all over the place! Only problem with them was that most of the things on the menu weren't being served at all, and if you asked for one of the things they didn't have they looked at you like hell, it was quite funny though...
There was other holiday makers there who weren't there for the festival, the occassional child lurking around which didn't seem right! I saw a man with his family go and have a dance on the sandpit by the beach DJs!!

*to be continued...*

H x

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